Ice Storm! December 4, 2002
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Here are some photos from the ice storm in early December 2002.
This was one of North Carolina's worst ice storms, knocking out power to over 1.1 million Tar Heel residents. That's an eighth of my state's population! My area only had about 34,000 residents in the dark, but neighboring Greensboro and High Point had 96,000 and 50,000, respectfully. Charlotte had a whopping 264,000 without power.

Trachycarpus fortunei bent low by the weigh of ice.

Loquat and Eucalyptus neglecta. Surprisingly, neither broke.

Persea borbonia.

Eucalyptus parvula leaves glisten under a coating of ice.

Downed pine limbs with Eucalyptus parvula in the back.

Quercus myrsinifolia bent into an upside down "U".

More Trachycarpus fortunei looking like green umbrellas.

Easter dogwood (Cornus florida) under a coating of ice.

These palms (compare with the photo at the beginning of this row) look much better now that temperatures have warmed into the 40s.

Two days later, you can hardly tell that this palm was weighted down by ice and snow.

These palms (compare with first photo, above) still look kind of flattened, but will perk up in time - as long as we don't have another round of this!